Source organic soil and the container of your choice. Add 30% organic perlite and 10% organic vermiculite to loosen heavy soil. Plant the stick from your cannabis-infused organic lollipop horizontally. Allow 11 days for germination, 1-3 months for vegetative time, and 2-3 months for flowers/budding. Check on your plant once a day and be sure to adequatly water. Grow: SFV OG, Sin City OG, Blue Power, and WhiteNightmare. Note that while we have had a 100 percent success rate thus far on our end, we do not guarantee seed growth. Nature is in control and there are several variables (including humans) that play a role in a plants success or demise. The majority of seeds we've sourced are feminized, but this is not a guarantee. Revel in the experience, wherever it decides to lead you.

Half Lit Cannabis-Infused Organic Lollipops 10mg THC Grow Cannabis .png